Friday, March 07, 2008


Thinking of you again
my secret little sigh,
precaution set aside
indiscreet, irrational
(and probably unwise)
I scheme and dream
and plot my play,
remembering the day
someone urged me
“just be bold”
surprised to find
I’m actually sold
on such an idea,
can this be me?
that shy little girl
you’ve always known
suddenly grown
into immodest woman
who after seven years
restrained by fears
will cease to hide
desire confide
and ask
for what
she wants.


Atlanta Carter said...

This is some of your best work, I think. We're going to miss you at the WC.

Trée said...

Twice I waited eight years to approach a woman. The first time I never said what needed saying. The second I did. To see someone else live with the same fear is a connection I've not felt before. I mean, who else waits so long to speak their heart?

Another excellent poem glittering with gems. I love "my secret little sigh" and "desire confide" and, as always, a gift of pacing and melody.