Friday, December 21, 2007


Slipping through the sanctuary,
skirts swish, unnoticed she eyes
saints too engrossed with pious prayers
to see carnal cravings coloring the brow
of recent recruit of seminary school,
a simple fool with Irish brogue in royal robe,
preaches and beseeches an apathetic heaven to hear,
for the people to fear for little do they know
temptation is near.
And as he stutters stumbles and stares,
she smiles,
esoteric, erotic, aware.
Now sitting silent in vacant nave-
just her, God and him,
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned,”
and on bloodied knees she pretends to plead
“Bless me, undress me,
grant me sight this holy night.”
As candles flicker and moonlight glows
sharp gray rays on ancient stone
“Come my child, thou art not alone,”
He takes her hand, and leads her
towards the promised land,
while eyes of saints look away,
too preoccupied to see
sacred sanctuary of iniquity
crumble and corrode,
as those who sought to control
relinquish power
this blessed hour
when Woman stole
it back.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dark Doll

She sits, my shadow,
porcelain and lace,
fragile figment
of one too many dreams
and two too many drinks.

She sings, the darkness,
and silent screams
echo only in the hollow
of my heart.

She weeps, dark doll eyes
drip drops of loss.

And you, too tall,
hold her, so small
in your hands.

Whisper of wings.

Pull her strings.

It's ok.
I'll let you.

Someone has to.

Friday, December 14, 2007


On a whispering winter day
I sought to unlock the blue.
"My mistake" I thought distraught,
watching unfocused through frost,
lost, as four short, crisp, cool quips
spat in shards from the unconscious of you
shattered the sodalite that sat on my skin,
suddenly thin, like ozone above,
and shocked I watched as the solstice sun
appeared to dim.
Then and there corpse-cold lips
began to drip with a
slippery sweet stinging hue,
a cold and biting, bitter ice blue,
not quite the shade I'd had in mind...
nor expected to find
with the key bestowed by you.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I sense Shakti in my womb.
Dancing, swirling, twirling,
whispering “awaken.”
As a dormant force
once feared, now free,
slithers up my spine
and slips out my eyes.
Sleeping Shiva stirs,
free from silent tomb,
and soon,
seduced to my side,
our breath shall entwine
while serpents glide
and we ride
into the vast ocean
of ecstasy.

Monday, December 03, 2007

ice blue

Today the sky
matched your eyes.
And walking a delicate line
between now and then
in this space of
anger cleansed,
soul on the mend,
memories take hold,
breaking me slowly
into beautiful shards
that shine like ice blue
winter skies
that light and ignite
the bitter and bright,
and the wrong and right
memory of your love.

Friday, March 16, 2007


I am
the Lady of Shallott
watching in the glass
as Lancelot passes by
in various disguise
(as him, and him, and her)
always seeking,
but never reaching
beyond these prison walls
wandering empty halls
vainly praying
for something or someone
to save me
from myself.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ghost II

When the soft hand of spring
Caresses the fragrant earth
With delicate drops of west coast rain
That drip from the tips of my lashes
I will come to you in the night
Draped in gossamer white
For I am nothing
But a ghost who haunts these docks
Translucent skin and raven locks
With fingers that ache to reach
Through soft gray fog
And time and space
Into the place
Where I lost my life
Burned at the stake
By the crimson fire
Of the tortured desire
Flaming in your eyes.


The indigo sky
assembled too quickly
before the back drop
of yesterdays dream
drapes the wings
that barely shelter
this badly bruised
fledgling we conceived.

Friday, January 26, 2007


I cradle the photograph
I probably shouldn’t have
And certainly shouldn’t cherish
Transfixed and transfigured
A stalker at the alter
Of him.