Thursday, January 19, 2006


Carmen’s dead.
Buried in
Redwood tree
Thickets of green,
Pacific coast memories,
Where I sleep
In Eucalyptus skin,
Surrounded by
Blue back books
With broken bindings,
Empty canvases,
Crumpled pages,
And stages too steep
To dance upon.
While in the distance
Redwoods weep
As Carmen’s corpse
(Or is that me?)
Is silently dragged,
Along with dreams,
To the bottom
Of a bottomless sea.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Lavender gray skies
Hang over rooftops
As barely budded trees
Sigh for winter
And snowflakes flitter
To aching earth
Where I sit
And wait
In pink parlor
Dressed in emerald
Silk empress gowns
The price of sin
And cradling
Muted snapshots
Of Errol Flynn.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blue Blood Desire

In secret pictures
You can hide,
Pitchy cotton clinging
To broad chest and thighs.
Travel up towering titan
To jaw and smile wide,
Careless hair
Tossed by the wind
On a long midnight ride,
Where starlight reflects
In Scorpio eyes.
In clandestine jungles
You reside
Where blue blood desire
Burns karmic fires
Till ribbon wound will
Melts remnant red
Encasing the space
In wax and lace
Where intention and fate

Friday, January 13, 2006


We dance the pavane
In flooded dreams
Where shingles slide
Off slanted
Rain streaked rooftops
Above the doorway
Through which you walked
To find
Silken robes in
Sailors knots
And now a bottle bobs
Upon the sea
Carrying an invitation
To my hazel eyed
Sail back to me
And I’ll show you
Victoria’s secret
As alluring as the night
Hauntingly flavored with
Hickory dickory
At the dock
I watch the horizon
For your black monstrosity
Of a ship
And you, entrenched in
Stinging darkness
A rapier at your side
Poised to pierce
This paper thin
Scorpio soul
Dark as the depths
Of a shadowy sea
Where lilies float
Side by side
Drowned face down
Upon the ebbing tide.