Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You tilt your head just a tad
as I twirl a curl of hair
around my finger.
And in response to the way I lick
my lips, then touch and tug
just a bit,
you moan aloud,
shift your seat,
and lay a sigh
at my feet.
And I smile
surprised to find
reflected in gray eyes
a seductress

Monday, January 21, 2008

Response Ability

The cursed gift
of response-ability
pounds its fist
into my heart
as discrepancies
do their part
to strip me down
until I drift numb
and dumb
in a pale gown
of powerlessness
grieving again
in the empty night
at the haunting sight
of geese against gray
flying for you
and I scream
in a fist fight
with fate
always too late
I weigh this choice
beseeching the voice
of courage
to respond.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Man

I live with a man
who sings ragas and
chants hare krishna,
with lotus blossom fingers
that dance across guitar strings
and glide across my skin,
as he leans in
to worship this body
and soul.

I live with a man
who wears glasses when he reads,
whose hair is too long
and wisps in the breeze
while he sits in a meadow
analyzing his dreams.
He understands the placement of planets
in his chart and mine
and how they combine
to give birth to the greatest love
the world’s ever seen.

I live with a man
who doesn’t own a t.v.,
and greets each day alongside me,
one with the earth,
giving birth to serenity.
And I stand, stunned into silence
at the depth of his divinity.
And when I reach out
he reaches back,
further and deeper
into me
than anyone
ever has before.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Bird in Hand

you ruffle the feathers
of this caged bird
stroking her just so
as to make her sing
in a voice so brilliant
it shocks

and broken winged
she nuzzles into your palm
grateful for the warmth
thankful for the rescue
but secretly poised
to pierce your skin
should your grip