Thursday, June 24, 2010

who's first

Nothing can compare
to the way you strip me bare.
I am transparent,
tortured and torn,
for through your words
I was reborn,
and now I wait and watch,
while you do the same,
playing this game,
wondering who
between us two,
will be the first to fall,
the first to call,
the first to reach
to crawl, beseech.
I suppose it’s not
much of a mystery
considering torrid history
providing obvious indication,
(overlooking my vacillation)
that the first to reach,
to crawl, beseech,
will probably
be me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

in vain

You think you’re so smart
swallowing every little part
of me
until there’s nothing
left of mesh
over alter-ego
black and harsh
where logic
and fantasy part
and you remain
stoic and staunch
while I scream and claw
a vain attempt to draw
you out …
while helpless I watch
as indifferent you walk

Inspired by this song:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a kitty's pride

Bella steps on careful kitty paws,
traversing the top
of the bedroom armoire -
the highest point in the house
(and therefore the best,)
prideful of her position,
content in accomplished mission...
until she slips and falls
onto the sleeping lump
of the dog below
who yelps and jumps
and in response
she chirps a meow
(an apology perhaps?)
curls up on the bed
and closes her eyes.
The bed's more comfortable
than the armoire