Saturday, March 15, 2008


In burgundy silk sari,
soft on swaying hips,
I slip into the dusk,
cool and whispering
of springs return.
And my skin seems to sing
of rose petals and ecstasy
as I dream of you next to me.
And draped in deceptive night
as misleading as your sight,
I am tripped up and tricked
into believing in my visions,
the lure of your deep light,
and the beautifully preposterous idea
that "you and I" are right.

1 comment:

Atlanta Carter said...

Wow, this poem is just as entrancing as its title. It suckers us in and then once we are trapped, it slaps us in the face. The first half is so sensual, and then comes the cold light of day. Your writing reflects the sentiments beautifully.