Sunday, August 22, 2010

silver merchant

When he speaks
I hear
a silver merchant
pushing his cart to market.
The tinkling, jingling,
of goods on display
that stirs and awakens
a sleeping town.
And the merchant smiles,
crooked, sincere,
at the promise of
a bountiful day.


YaGirlNextDoor said...

I can almost see this Silver Merchant as he passes through. Very nice poem.

Athena said...


Michelle said...

Does this mean you're back!? Cause I missed you!

Athena said...

I'm building a new blog. I'll post the link when I decide it's share-worthy. :-)

Sylvia Winters said...

I just found your site on a list of the top 40 poetry blogs, and, wow, you certainly deserve your place on that list. You poetry is simply lovely. Rich, evocative, sensual.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift... I can't wait to see your new site; when d'you think it'll be ready?


Athena Marie said...

Thank you so much Sylvia! I was very surprised to be on that list actually. :-) I'm glad you like my poetry.

Which new site are you referring to?