Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You tilt your head just a tad
as I twirl a curl of hair
around my finger.
And in response to the way I lick
my lips, then touch and tug
just a bit,
you moan aloud,
shift your seat,
and lay a sigh
at my feet.
And I smile
surprised to find
reflected in gray eyes
a seductress


Atlanta Carter said...

Hey Athena! Just thought I'd leave a comment. Not enough people are doing that these days.

This is gentle, with an energy gurgling just beneath the surface. Are you alone, looking in a mirror? That's how I read it in any case. I've only ever known one other person with gray eyes. (Long time ago - sighs - my first [real] love) Anyway, there is something about you (attitude, etc) in your writing that reminds me of her (in a good way).

gluedbranches said...

Ah, the passive flirtation disguised as an endearing post.

Feedback you can really use!