Tuesday, May 20, 2003

something about him

Something about the way he moves
reminds me of
soft, slow jazz,
a piano, a cymbal
and a sax
weaving a
passionate melody
that drips sensuality.

Something about the way he smells
reminds me of
a glass of fine merlot,
a Napa vineyard
and the musky scent
of a wine cellar
dark and filled
with mystery.

Something about the way he talks
reminds me of
opening night
on Broadway.
Where one is sure to find
dazzling entertainment
and certain fulfillment.

Something about the way he sings
reminds me of
the passion of Samson,
the love of Raoul,
But more than those,
Erik's inescapable lure,
his haunting song
my only cure.

Something about him
reminds me of
all that I can be,
all I long to hold,
the desire of
a thousand lovers,
and the purpose
of my soul.

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