Wednesday, May 14, 2003


You painted my days
with the color of music,
splashes of wisdom,
and abstract, absent minded
flashes of charm,
laughter and vision,
transformed into the
hottest of desires fires.
Today I walked away,
all the while
aware of your reserve,
yet still waiting,
and silently hoping,
you just might
return the ball
I served.

Expectations unfulfilled,
red candles dressed and burned,
dreams and schemes conjured and cast,
bright eyes that captured a gaze,
open ears that hung on his words,
passionate heart laid at his feet,
all of it
for nothing.

Blue eyes, peppered hair,
a smile so wide it held the stars,
and enveloped my soul.
But now you are gone,
and all I have
are a few scribbled words
and a desperate temptation
to interpret what might simply be
a statement
as an invitation.

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