Thursday, February 03, 2011


Warm breasts pressed
against frigid glass,
as ice laced lips trip
over words frozen
in my mind,
I shiver in the wind
that howls between
our hands,
"if you dare to touch me now
you'll catch an early death,"
brittle words within my breath
freeze without a sound,
and tremble softly to my feet
like snowflakes to the ground.


Old 333 said...

Very lyrical. Thanks for sharing -


the music always makes me jump when it starts!

Athena Marie said...

Thank you! Sorry about that... I do have mixed feelings about the music. :/

Old 333 said...

Not a problem! I open things in stacks, and there is often something else's not a big deal. I like hearing new music, too, after all. Sounds like Dead Can Dance? Not too sure - I have their record Serpent's Egg on vinyl and love it, but I haven't heard much else of theirs, and haven't had a record player for years, either.

Athena Marie said...

No, it is Vas - funny, you are the second person who has thought it was Dead Can Dance. More middle eastern than DCD.

Noxalio said...

hypnotizing - i picture the swirling wind as serpent (possibly cobra?) ...

(hello Athena Marie, i'm Noxy. i'm glad to have run across your blog and equally pleased to see you're following mine. thank you!)

Athena Marie said...

Thank you! I quite like the idea of a cobra. :)

Matt D said...

I love the poem! Beautiful images ...

The music won't play, and there's a copyright message, but I listen to both Vas and Dead Can Dance a lot ... too much even!

Anonymous said...

Very haunting and ethereal poem. I'm glad I stumbled upon both of your blogs. This one is gorgeous to look at too, love the Vas, nice touch! Your site reminds me of one of my favorite groups, Evanescence.

Athena Marie said...

Matt - no such thing as too much Vas. And Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove - what a great song!

Jacque - I'm glad you stumbled upon my blogs too. I'm glad you like them. Evanescence has some great music too... passionate stuff! :)