Monday, February 02, 2009


I will worship you
if Shiva will not take offense
(he seems the jealous type,)
and like Hanuman with Ram in his heart,
in a clamor of gold tear open my chest
to reveal your face, your grace,
and the mantra of your name
that pumps in my veins.
I will kneel at your feet
to feel your hand on my head,
then roll into savasana,
revealing the soft sweet
underbelly of my soul.
I will weep like Parvati
crazed for her king,
for to me, you are he,
the wild God of passion
with a lingam of lightening
forbidden to touch.
And like Shaivite sadhus
dissolved in devotion,
I'll burn in the fire,
adorn my temple
with the ash of desire,
and worship as I
see fit.

1 comment:

Atlanta Carter said...

I like that, especially the occasionally alliteration and rhyme. There is just enough to pique my interest, but not too much to make it annoying.

Great work!