Friday, January 13, 2006


We dance the pavane
In flooded dreams
Where shingles slide
Off slanted
Rain streaked rooftops
Above the doorway
Through which you walked
To find
Silken robes in
Sailors knots
And now a bottle bobs
Upon the sea
Carrying an invitation
To my hazel eyed
Sail back to me
And I’ll show you
Victoria’s secret
As alluring as the night
Hauntingly flavored with
Hickory dickory
At the dock
I watch the horizon
For your black monstrosity
Of a ship
And you, entrenched in
Stinging darkness
A rapier at your side
Poised to pierce
This paper thin
Scorpio soul
Dark as the depths
Of a shadowy sea
Where lilies float
Side by side
Drowned face down
Upon the ebbing tide.

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